AGOL organizational page not loading in IE - local storage error

Discussion created by bdaigle on Feb 3, 2016
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I have several users who can't seem to access our AGOL organization account on IE11.  Other users can get to it just fine.  The difference appears to be associated with security settings.


The path to our AGOL site is

Other organization pages behave the same way:


When the problem occurs, the page just comes up blank with no indication of the problem.  I was able to track down the fail point using the developer tools. 


The "Access is denied" error stops the rest of the script from running.  The script that fails is


When users call and report the problem, I have been telling them to add * to their list of trusted sites. seems like the problem really needs to be fixed on the ESRI side, by putting the check for localStorage inside a try/catch.  Anyone from ESRI (Courtney Claessens, Daniel Fenton) willing to chime in?