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Search widget very slow

Question asked by rhyck.m on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by rscheitlin

Why is my search widget so slow? it takes about 5 seconds, sometimes more to return suggestions even thought the service has the capability support pagination to true.

here is the code:

  var searchAddress = new Search({
                    enableButtonMode: false,
                    enableLabel: false,
                    enableInfoWindow: true,
                    showInfoWindowOnSelect: true,
                    map: map
                }, "adrSearch");

                var sourcesAddr = []; //search.get("sources");
                    featureLayer: new FeatureLayer(".../AddressTypes/MapServer/0"),
                    searchFields: ["LSN"],
                    displayField: "LSN",
                    exactMatch: false,
                    name: "Address",
                    outFields: ["*"],
                    placeholder: "Search address",
                    maxResults: 25,
                    maxSuggestions: 25,
                    enableSuggestions: true,
                    minCharacters: 3
                searchAddress.set("sources", sourcesAddr);


here is the snapshot of service capabilities: