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How to remove Map Tour header?

Question asked by dwolowik on Feb 3, 2016
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I would lkie to remove header from my Map Tour app - do you know how to do it?


There is in index.html file some code related to header:








<!-- Desktop header -->

            <div id="headerDesktop" style="height: 10px">


                <div class="rightArea">

                    <div class="social">

                        <span class="msLink">

                            <a href="" target="_blank" tabindex="-1"></a>


                        <i class="shareIcon share_facebook icon-facebook-squared-1"></i>

                        <i class="icon-twitter-1 shareIcon share_twitter"></i>

                        <i class="icon-link shareIcon share_bitly"></i>


                    <div class="logo">

                        <a target="_blank">

                            <img alt="Map Tour logo" class="headerLogoImg"/>




                <div class="textArea">

                    <h1 class="title" tabindex="0"></h1>

                    <h2 class="subtitle" tabindex="0"></h2>


                <button type="button" class="switchBuilder btn" tabindex="-1"></button>



But I don't know how to change it to remove header.


Any tips?