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WABDE -> Export as Template to AGOL -> ... stuck in My Content

Question asked by lorenmueller on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by lorenmueller

Hi WABDE users,

Making the Template available to users in AGOL:

I have been using WABDE now for a few months and getting quite familiar with it. One workflow I am stuck on is exporting a local WABDE application as a template back up to AGOL or Portal. I was able to do that, but got a warning that I do not have permissions to share with the Template group in AGOL. I asked my AGOL admin about it and he can find no Template group.

1. What group do I need to be added to so that I can share my new template and have it show up in the list of Templates when I am creating a new application in AGOL?



I see that the Template app that was created has a Register option in the Details page - in what scenario do I need to do this? I registered it and it still does not show up in the list of templates.

2. Should I register it?


Then there is hosting the Template. I get that it will be hosted locally or on some web server where I can deploy it, and not stored up in AGOL, but how to deploy a Template?

2. How do I deploy ('download', like with an app) a WABDE Template so that I can host it? Or is it really just a copy of the Application that I exported as a Template that I need to host?  I only see the download option for applications in WABDE. Perhaps this is just a terminology mix up.


Thanks for any help!