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ESRI proxy and HTTPS

Question asked by gregbulla on Feb 2, 2016

Hey everyone -


We're having a problem getting ESRI's ArcGIS proxy to work with HTTPS.  We're using the Java (JSP) version on our ArcGIS Server (loaded into it's internal Tomcat) and it's working, but only w/ HTTP -- it fails with HTTPS.


We've loaded our proxy at the following internal URL: 



One of the internal URLs we're hitting is:



The complete call is therefore:



The error we are seeing in the browser is:


"HTTP Status 500 - PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target"


Checking online, this appears to be a certificate handoff issue where the proxy is not forwarding the certificate to the endpoint URL.


Also note that if we make the same call using HTTP (vs HTTPS), everything works. Unfortunately, running the app using HTTP is not an option, for the final environment is HTTPS and calling HTTP leads to mixed-content errors.


Any info would be appreciated..  Thank you in advance.