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Converting Zipcodes to Polygons

Question asked by hilaryzainabou on Feb 3, 2016
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I have two files I am trying to join so that I can look at some program data by zipcode. I have found a csv file of zipcode with lat/long and I have a data file with zipcodes only.


I uploaded my zipcode w/ lat/long file to Arc Online with the intention of joining my data file to it so that I could create visualizations. Unfortunately, the zipcode lat/long file renders as point data only and does not create polygons.


I would really appreciate some assistance in figuring out what I am doing wrong. I also have Arc Desktop on my computer. I had intended to upload my zipcode w/ lat/long files to Arc online so that I could convert to a .shp file for use on my desktop.


Any assistance would be supper helpful. I have attached the zipcode w/ lat/long files.


Please help!