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Import polygons with auto clip?

Question asked by BruceLang on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by cdspatial

This seems so basic, but I'm not finding a solution.


I have; (1) a polygon shapefile containing multiple polygons, and (2) a versioned enterprise geodatabase (SQL server) polygon layer.  The shapefile and geodatabase contain the same file structure.


I would like to import the shapefile polygons into the geodatabase AND remove (clip away) any overlap from the geodatabase layer.


The data layers consist of zoning polygons.  The geodatabase layer is the existing county zoning layer, covering the entire county.  The shapefile contains new zoning areas to import into the geodatabase layer.  The new areas must remove any overlapping area from the geodatabase layer.


I can do this manually in an edit session, but only one polygon at a time. (a) copy area from shapefile, (b) paste into geodatabase layer, and (c) select "clip" (from the editor menu) clipping away overlap from geodatabase.  When trying the same process with multiple polygon's, the clip option was not available.


Thanks in advance.


BTW: ArcGIS 10.3.1 Standard