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Multiple band composite. How do you know which band is which in composite product?

Question asked by Palebot on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Palebot

@I'm returning to a project I began over a year ago. Of course, this means starting from scratch on a few things. I have several VHR satellite images over an area. My ultimate goal is to have them all together, orthocorrected and pansharpened. These latter tasks are relatively easy, but cumbersome. For example, I had to orthosharpen each separate band image and the panchromatic image separately for each coverage given the nature of the rpc file. My next step is to pansharpen them. However, I need to create a composite. As you know, I can create a file that has all the images linked up (i.e., red, green. blue, nir) and select its output based on what I send through the channels. However, here's the issue, and it seems to be a real issue and not just me. Is there a record that tracks which band is which with the composite product? For example, once I create the composite, I have to tell the pansharpen tool which bands to send through the RGB channels. To keep it simply, I'd just assume create a True Color Composite. However, when you create a composite it does not automatically state where the bands are going and where they are. I've been assuming that they become associated with a number based on how they are loaded into the tool? So, if you list the red band first, it will be 1. But I've never actually seen documentation of this.