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How to fix the checkerboard pattern in Mosaic Datasets

Question asked by Chad_Kopplin on Feb 3, 2016
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Good morning GeoNet, over  the past couple of weeks we have been fighting a checkerboard when zooming into our Mosaic Datasets.  This comes after our production server and storage drives were moved to a new environment.  I knew that the services were having a problem getting to raster folder to access the images.  After working with Esri Support the fix was easy.  First our problem was that the server names changed along with the IP.  The fix is to repair the path to the images on each Mosaic Dataset that you have.  Here is the procedure:

1.  Open ArcCatalog

2.  Connect to your Geodatabase

3.  Right click on the Mosaic Dataset

4.  Click on Modify>Repair

The process will spool through the service then get to the Repair Dataset Dialogue box.  Here the user is able to put in the new path and choose to click OK or click in the Only Broken Link box (the repair is taking place at this time).  In many cases this should fix the issue, but in some cases the rasters may reside on a storage drive, and the drive maybe shared with everyone to gain access to the base images.  The problem that we encountered was that once the servers were moved it broke the share on the raster folder housing the base images.  In this case have the server administrator go onto the server and re add the ArcGIS server account as a user on the GIS server, and give the account permission to access the share and remake the share on the server.  This should fix the other people that still are not able to view the images after first running the repair.

Are these the only ways of fixing this issue that others may have run into?  Please give other fixes that you may have run into to get around this issue.  Thank you.

One last item of interest, the repair requires either an Advance or Standard license.


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