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Twitter link has story map name wrong- why? how to change?

Question asked by starlene on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by starlene

I am looking at the 'share on twitter' links for my app and I notice that before the actual URL, which looks good, the name of my app is not correct. I cannot find where in the application the old name of my app is still referenced.

Example- the twitter link that is generated is here:
2016 CLRP test #storymap

the name of my app is not "2016 CLRP Test"-- that was the name of my story map that I initially created on AGOL and have since renamed. I looked in the index, config files, etc and cannot find any reference to this ghost of a name. And my AGOL content does not have that name anymore either. I am using this map journal app that references my AGOL story map so I can still edit it online in the builder. everything seems cool except this weird thing.

Ideas? bug? help! I'd like to use these share links on my app but want the title to be obviously correct. thanks