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e00 files

Question asked by cmartin80537 on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by xander_bakker

So I just downloaded a series of e00 files from the USGS Geophysics website and I am trying to load them into my ArcMap project. I am using the 'import from e00' tool in the Arc Toolbox but I am getting a rather ambiguous message from an Import71 Utility window. It requires that I enter the name of the export file and then enter the name for the output data source. Once I do that I get a message that the file cannot be accessed and to make sure I have security privileges on the drive. I checked the folder where I would like to place the output data source and the folder attributes are set to read-only. I uncheck the box and hit ok to change the attributes but the folder status does not change. I am logged on as administrator for this machine but I cannot seem to change the status. This is a Windows 10 operating system. Any ideas on how to correct this?