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Query Widget does not show results for Feature joined with view

Question asked by hyiothesia on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by hyiothesia

For comparison sake I created two similar features in the MXD.


The first named, named Electric Service Point consists of the Feature (ServicePointBank) joined with a table (ServicePoint) further joined with a view that get's its data across a db link to another database.

The second, named Electric Service Point Query consists of the Feature (ServicePointBank) joined with the table (ServicePoint).

In short, the only difference between the two is that the first Feature has the view joined with it.


These are published to a service, which is consumed by a web map.


I am then using Web AppBuilder Developer Edition (version 1.3) and am using the web map.  I configured the Query Widget identically for both Features.  They are configured to query against a field on the ServicePoint table.



For the first feature, it displays "Number of features found: 1) in the query results but does NOT list the feature or show the graphic on the map.


For the second feature, it displays the same but ALSO lists the feature and shows the graphic on the map.  The problems that I really need the data from that view and I do NOT want to have two layers in the layer list as it confuses our users.


Looking in the Firefox debugger is see that both features call:

First Feature:……

Second Feature:……


But the second feature is the only one that even tries to call:…


I didn't really notice much of a difference debugging through the Widget code but I am not familiar with it or with java script in general so there is a good chance I missed something.


Has anybody seen (and hopefully found a way around) this?