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Where is the legend?

Question asked by kmsagis on Jan 28, 2016

Where is the Legend?


I searched the Help and Forum, nothing.  For this type of product no major user interface control should require a search either.


Otherwise, I LOVE IT!  I love the controls, icons, interface design, especially how they get out of the way if you want and how it can go full screen.


Just need the legend. Also when I click, no identify. How do you display a feature's attributes? I would assume it should be just like Google Earth.   And Identify on all visible layers. Similar to how Robert's Identify works for WebApp Builder.  Maybe I am just missing something. I added the USA Projected population Growth 2012-2017 and USA Median Age from the out of the box layers available to download from ESRI. Hopefully I'm just missing this. I added a few other layers too. No idea how to display attributes. Nothing when I click. And when I right click on Properties on any layers on the layer list, nothing happens. I see Remove and Properties. Clicking Properties, nothing happens. Maybe that's where you toggle Identify and legend and it is just a bug on my system. If it helps, I have Windows 10.


Also it would be nice to be able to resize the width of the layer list pane. To widen it.  Looking great so far for 1.0.