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IDW Interpolation

Question asked by pmcburney8 on Jan 28, 2016
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Hey everyone,


I'm trying to use the spatial analyst tool in order to calculate IDW. I have a set of points that I created using the fishnet tool in order to display a set of grid points 10 miles apart within the state of Virginia. What I'm trying to do is calculate the IDW of the 10 mile grid points that were created with the fishnet tool that are located 30 Kilometers away from the sample points I have. Both the sample points and the grid points contain a value in which I'm trying to compare. So I want to use IDW of the grid points that are 30 kilometers away from the sample points and sum the weighted values in order to compare. I apologize if this sounds confusing. Below is a snapshot of my points. The green points are sample locations and the purple points are the grid locations. geonet.PNG