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TileMapService Layer of EsriRuntimeQt

Question asked by ChEhrlicher on Jan 27, 2016
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Since the Qt Runtime SDK does not provide access to a simple TMS server (e.g. provided by GeoServer), I had to write one by my own. The implementation works for me with GeoServer 2.8 and a UTM 32N projection (EPSG:32632). Maybe it can help others to work around the lack of a implementation from esri...

There are some issues/workarounds:

- despite the documentation, TiledMapServiceLayer::initialize() is not called asynchronous and also can't make it's initialization asynchronous

- The TileInfo class lacks some getters/setters for the image format and spatial reference, it has to be set via json It also has no toJSon() function

- Since the y-axis in tms is mirrored (coordinate system starts bottom left, not upper left), the column needs to be adjusted. For this I have to calculate the column count for each lod. But I have to multiply my calculated column count with the magic number '4' - if someone knows why please let me know


I've attached the files - feel free to comment or make additions



Christian Ehrlicher