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Need help with opening ArcGIS 10.1 app (issue of setup/installation)

Question asked by bridget.harding on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by bridget.harding

Hi all, I am new to ArcGIS and I have the student 10.1 180-day trial version. I had installed and authorized the program on a desktop computer with no issues, but due to issues related to mobility, I had to de-authorize it and install it on my laptop. The installation went as it did on my desktop, except every time I go to open the application I am told to “select the destination folder where the package should extract the files to.” I use the same destination it was installed under C:Use\me\Document\ArcGIS 10.1. If I choose OK, I am then asked to overwrite the existing files, to which I always choose “Yes to All.” Then it goes through a process of extracting files for set up. After the installation files are successfully extracted I choose “Launch the setup program” where it then opens the Desktop Setup. In the set up, I am given three options for Application Maintenance: Modify (change which app features are installed), Repair (Reinstall missing or corrupt files, registry key, and shortcuts), and Remove (uninstall from the computer). I have done both the Modify and the Repair, multiple times, but the app continues to take me through the extract->install->app maintenance. The specific application I am opening is the ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop, which worked fine on my desktop. I’m afraid to uninstall the app because I think I have used up the amount of times I can authorize a computer for the specific code I have from the book. I don’t even remember going through this process on my desktop, so I’m not sure why it keeps making me reextract and reinstall it every time. I have yet to actually access the program on my laptop since I originally installed it (recently). If anyone has any suggestions, please share them with me.