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WAB suggestion: ability to configure remembering layers/extent by end user

Question asked by kmsagis on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by dlaw-esristaff

I like the WAB 1.3+ ability to remember layers on/off and extent. This was often requested by our users.


Now, I propose the WAB Team add ability for the end users to turn toggle this on/off, if they want.  So they can 'reset' the site, until the next time they want to toggle remembering these back on.


Not developers, (although it would be nice to have an official and easy on/off toggle for this for devs in Config, too).. but for end users.


Directing to end users to refresh their browser cache in my experience is not an optimal user experience. Even with the indispensable site, which I'd like to share with everyone for general reference - - The Guide to Clear your Browser Cache!


I propose:

1. A new widget, a simple on/off toggle button that takes up one tile, and can be placed in one of the 1/2/3/4/5 slots just like the Next/Prev or Zoom In/Out from Stan McShinsky   So if the user clicks the toggle to turn OFF extent/layer saving, it will first ask user "Are you sure? You will lose your saved layers/extent" etc, and then, it will reset to the original defaults and keep extent/layer saving off, until it's turned ON again.

2. And/or ... building this toggle button into the Layer List widget.  This would perhaps give the added advantage of allowing finer-grained user control.  Perhaps they could turn on/off remembering layers on/off on a per-service basis.  So, for example, they have three services, and leave saving layer state on for only one of them.  Perhaps indicated by a small floppy disk icon next to each one (this is still the universal save interface metaphor) that is darkened or lit up and colored, next to each layer. Or perhaps an item in the Contextual Menu for each service at its root level.


Thoughts everyone?