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Changing layer source in AGOL....

Question asked by Tiaman on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by alexfriant

My question is about changing the data source of layers in ArcGIS Online.


I have a webmap shared with a few test groups in my organization ( I work for local government). It's a basic civic infrastructure type map that I eventually plan to roll out to everyone in our department.


Most of the layers in the map are pointing to a feature service that I have published from arcmap. I had originally planned to just update it once a week by publishing from the map. However, our IT department has been working on getting more of our ArcServer SDE layers put into our REST services directory. This is great since I won't have to update it weekly like I had planned.


But.....I'm trying to figure out how I can switch my current map over to using these services without having to re-create the whole map. I have a bunch of layers in the map with multiple filters, redundant layers used for labelling, etc.


Is there a way to just point the existing web map layer to a new source or am I going to have to add the REST service layers like new?


The main reason I have for wanting to do this besides just the time it would take is I'm trying to preserve the symbology I created in Arcmap. As far as I can tell the only ways to have custom symbology are 1. - publish from Arcmap , 2. - store images in a directory and link to them.


Am I missing something?