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ArcMAP 10.3.1 (Windows 7) no longer opens. Reaches "loading document" and then stops. No message.

Question asked by RichardNNTT on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by thowze

Can anyone out there advise me please?


When I start ArcMAP 10.3.1 (running on Windows 7 professional) the startup sequence proceeds to the point where the application notes it is "loading document". It then stops with no message. This occurs also with the 3D analyst extension. ArcCatalog opens.

I have renamed the ESRI folder in the LocalApps folder, and the default.gdb, as advised, and have uninstalled and re-installed ArcGIS. However the problem persists.


The only event that occurred between me last using ArcMAP successfully and this problem was an installation of the most recent python and an unsuccessful installation of PyScripter (it also doesn't work). I have uninstalled both before re-installing ArcGIS. No success.


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Richard MacNeill