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Get point from known points to a specific distance of a polyline arcgis

Question asked by monir_mostafizur1 on Jan 24, 2016

I want to know the coordinates of a polyline from specific point and distance. I have attached image to clear the specification. say, I have a points B(2,3). I want to know the coordinates of A and B from 2 feet distance of B point. I have tried this:


public IPoint GetPointAtFrom(double distance, Coordinate givenCoordinate)
ArcGeometry.IPoint outletPoint = new ArcGeometry.PointClass();
ArcGeometry.ICurve curve = _polyline;
.QueryPoint(ArcGeometry.esriSegmentExtension.esriExtendTangentAtFrom, distance, false, outletPoint);
return new Point(outletPoint);


but it gives from point or others.

any idea ?? I am using .net in arcgis 10.0 Thanks