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Displacement model

Question asked by adrianfdez57 on Jan 24, 2016


First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Adrián, Spanish Geographer and also emergency Medical Technician as a volunteer in a red cross ambulance. I just joined a Mountain Rescue group in the Red Cross here in Spain, also as a volunteer, and I think as a Geographer I can be useful for them with ArcGis. I told the group managers that with ArcGis we probably could use some function that calculates a person displacement from a point in the territory according to some costs as the slope or vegetation density.


I have the idea, but I don't know how to develop it. I told you about my idea, if anybody could tell me about an Arcgis tool, I would be very glad.

The displacement model should include a last knowing position (a point or a shapefile)  of the lost person for some hours ago (for example 5 hours). From this point and with some cost layers (as it could be slopes and density vegetation), we could make the program to calculate some maximum circles that represents the displacement from 5 hours, with a determined slope, a determined density and with a determined velocity of the lost person through the different costs.


This model could be very useful to stablish a searching area to start looking for lost people. Do you know any tool or function in ArcGis to make this idea come true?


Thank you very much. Best regards.