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Problems with schema in ArcSDE

Question asked by naalexandrou on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2016 by vangelo-esristaff

Hey guys bare with me this is going to be kind of a lengthy post.


Background information,


I just got hired to help implement an ArcGIS Online web presence. We have 2 license of ArcDesktop advanced and ArcGIS Server. Who ever set up our infrastructure before I arrived, no longer works for the company so I am left trying to put together the pieces, much without the help of our IT department because they do not really know very much about the IT side of ESRI products.


The problem,


I have a database connection to our SDE, I can view everything that is on the SDE, however. If I try to load in a new dataset, I get errors saying that the database username and current user schema do not match. I have been told by IT that my Windows authenticated username has been added to the SQL server that the SDE is housed, and that I have admin privileges. I don't understand why I am having difficulties. I have noticed that all the data stored on the SDE, is labeled SDE.filename.yadayadayada, which indicates to me that there was an SDE username created when that SDE was set up.


Is my problem that the SDE username, and my current username are not on the same schema, therefore I can not do anything to the data within the SDE?


What is the best method for fixing this?



I've tried adding a geodatabase user through arctoolbox toolset, but it immediately cancels out and tells me that I am not logged in under a username that has sysadmin privileges. What do you guys think? I need to be able to give the IT department at least something to work with, but I am rather perplexed at this situation. My logic has deduced that it is a problem with my username and the privileges or "schema" associated with it in relation to the SDE username who owns the DB.