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Using external libraries in the html of a custom widget?

Question asked by lancev on Jan 25, 2016

Has anyone had success in integrating an external library like Angular or Knockout on a custom widget?  I am creating a repeatable html template so we can format the output.


I can get this to work on the index.html page of app builder:


<script src=""></script>


<div ng-app="" ng-init="names=['Jani','Hege','Kai']">

                <p>Looping with ng-repeat:</p>

                <div ng-repeat="x in names">


                        {{ x }}





But, when I do the same thing in the widget.html, it ignores angular in html.  Even if the angular.js file gets loaded in the the index.html page.


Even a simple <script>Alert("hello");</script> will not work in the widget.html.


Any direction would be much appreciated!