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Importing CAD dwg into Arcmap

Question asked by on Jan 22, 2016
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I'm an intermediate GIS user, but have not yet had the chance to integrate CAD with ArcGIS. Today, I am trying to view a Cad drawing (dwg) format in ArcMap. When I bring the file into arcmap, I can't see anything. However, the dwg file looks fine when I open it in a dwg reader.


Here's what I've tried:

- Adding the CAD file like I would any other layer. It shows up in my table of contents, but I can't see the file in the dataframe at all. If I "zoom to layer," then it zooms way out to 1:40 000 000 scale and I still don't see anything.

- Conversion from CAD to Geodatabase using that tool, and then adding a projection with the "project" tool. Both of these tools run successfully, but the resultant file gives the following error when I try to add it to the map:

I'm using version 10.1 of arcmap, and have a standard license. The cad file was made by an external consultant, so I don't know much about how it was made or what version of autocad was used. I've attached the file here. I do not have AutoCAD on my machine.


Anyone know what's going on here and/or how I can fix it?