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Oracle ST_GEOMETRY update performance (ArcGIS 10.3, Oracle

Question asked by KSAsie on Jan 22, 2016
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I have to convert frequently 177723 points to ST_GEOMETRY in a geodatabase in Oracle. The points are stored in a table called PARAMS in a character field (Temp_Geometry) in the following format:

point ( 7.0   3.0 )

point (55.0 63.5)



The update of the GEOMETRY with the SQL statement below takes 18 minutes!

SQL> update PARAMS set GEOMETRY = (sde.st_geometry(Temp_Geometry,4326));

177723 rows updated.

Elapsed: 00:18:28.09


Updates on other fields are done within seconds -->


SQL> update PARAMS set Valid_To=sysdate where to_char(VALID_TO,'YYYY-MM-DD') = '9999-12-31';

177723 rows updated.

Elapsed: 00:00:04.14


Droping the spatial index does not have any influence on the performance. Any ideas how to speed up the ST_Geometry update?