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Text directions file is not displaying

Question asked by tapash on Jan 22, 2016



i have developed an application on Dynamic Campus navigation using options provided in ArcGIS and published it initially in INTRANET and at present in INTERNET, here we are having 3 queries , they are:


1) When we select a feature in Map/ Application, the marker/label/ pin which we have given for output file is not clearly visible or loading we can say


2) Created a Route finder tab in same application, which has to display the driving directions after completing the task and click Submit, but the Output page is showing some error and not displaying UNTILL WE REMOVE SYSTEM NAME and REPLACE IT WITH IP NUMBER OF SERVER WORK STATION.

some times it will automatically work but most of the times its creating problem, On and OFF issue.


3) Any option to attach image, or url at least for every single person in the form, while asking for results, can we get it displayed? any image or url


you will get some idea if you check our page :