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LocationDisplay - Not Auto Panning

Question asked by FDM_Jim on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by FDM_Jim

Afternoon (Antti )


I have made my custom LocationProvider created and am streaming data onto the map through the LocationDisplay. I love how the default symbol looks and it appears a heading arrow resides inside the circle (very cool!!). I do have a question about the LocationDisplay.AutoPanMode = AutoPanMode.Navigation / Default / Off. After reading documentation I see that the Navigation will change the map's heading as a feed comes in and has the point located dead center and about 2/3 down the map. I haven't field tested yet but I'm hoping the point will remain static and the map will move towards the point (similar to what we see in car navigation systems)?


The most immediate question I do have is when the AutoPanMode is set to either Nav or Default, I'm able to pan the map where the GPS is not visible; however the map never re-centers when the next gps event is fired. I would assume when the mode is set to anything but off, the point will remain within the map's extent?


A final question in regards to the autopan, when I developed our existing mobile solution in ArcGIS Engine, I needed to manage an invisible interior border (IEnvelope)so it could detect if the GPS point has gone outside the box and would call a re-center command. This interior border was used to help from keeping the GPS point from getting to close to the map edge ensuring the navigator could always keep seeing what was ahead of them. Does the Navigation mode handle keeping the GPS from getting to close to the map borders edge?