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Stop request on browser close

Question asked by jamesfreddyc Champion on Jan 21, 2016

Edit: the developer is watching what happens thru the dev server (?) when a connection is canceled/lost and is suggesting that the request for the WebMap is persisting.


Perhaps he should be handling a timeout property in the original request for the WebMap?  Does that make sense?


Original post:

Apologies for the limited knowledge on JavaScript basics, but I've been asked to research a behavior found in a client app that incorporates a published web map (along with ArcGIS Server services).


The developer of a client application is testing what happens when a request for one of the service layers as the browser is closed (this is an arcgis server published service containing tons of polygon features).  Apparently, the request continues and has some affect on subsequent requests (new browser window with same services/web map).


Is there anything related to the service itself or the way it has been published that can apply?

Is there something missing from the calling/client JavaScript application that can apply?


Before I start digging into research, I hoped to get some feedback or general guidance on identifying issues related to this would be appreciated!