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Override color in symbology - is it possible?

Question asked by jcmlpt on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by dbarnes-esristaff

I'm using ArcMap 10.3.1 and I wanted to ask if this is possible.


I want to represent lines in the following way:

- Color gradient using the a slope field

- Override that color for a certain value in a different field (for example stairs or sidewalk width)

Can I do this without needing to change my slope field and adding a value to represent stairs/etc?


I know I can just duplicate the layer and use different symbology. But in all instances of ArcMap I used it doesn't really look good having duplicated lines with the same width (even with the top one wider) and different colors. Something in the way they are rendered (I haven't tried to see how these maps are exported). So if this could be done it would have a much better result.


I hope I put this on the right Place.