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How do I pass value from config file?

Question asked by nika_1411 on Jan 21, 2016
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I changed the Attribute Table widget. In the setting page of the widget I set a value of the map scale I want my map to zoom to if I select a point feature in the attribute table. Reason - I'm only using our own background maps which are dynamic map services. The code in the _FeatureTable.js is designed to work with tiled basemaps. Every "Zoom to" click I make, the map zooms closer and closer.



I could hard code the value in the _FeatureTable.js but I'd rather control it through the widget setting. My question is how to pass the config value from the config file to the _FeatureTable.js?


        } else if (method === "zoom") {

          this.getExtent(result).then(lang.hitch(this, function(gExtent) {

            if (gExtent) {

              if (gExtent.type === "point") {

                var currentScale =;

                var factor =  MY ZOOM SCALE FROM CONFIG / currentScale;

                levelOrFactor = > -1 ? : 0.1;

      , factor);


Thanks for any help, Monika