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Amending the infoTemplate to include links

Question asked by MoritzP12 on Jan 22, 2016
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I have an application with 3 feature layers and a select option. When the user clicks on a polygon for example the attributes for the related fields is returned. This is fine for attributes that are text based but I cannot figure out how to show a link within the infoTemplate rather than just the full string. e.g.


 var content = "<b>Classification year</b>: ${CLASSIFICATION_YEAR}" + "<br/>" +
            "<b>Overall classification</b>: ${OVERALL_CLASSIFICATION}" + "<br/>" +
            "<b>Link</b>: ${CLASS_DS_URL}";
          var infoTemplate = new InfoTemplate("${WATER_BODY_NAME}", content);


The class_ds_url shows the full string but how can I amend the script so it just has a clickable 'Link'??

Help is appreciated!