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TextSymbol Anti-aliasing and/or ClearType Support in 10.2.6

Question asked by ahigh2 on Jan 21, 2016
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I'm upgrading an application from the 10.1.1 WPF Runtime to the 10.2.6 .NET Runtime and am having some issues with TextSymbol display.


I'm using TextSymbols on a GraphicsLayer to label dynamic graphics and am finding that the text looks jagged/not anti-aliased. If I switch the AngleAlignment to 'Map' it removes the jaggedness but the text becomes very blurry. Is there a method to enable anti-aliasing or turn on clear type like I could have done in the WPF Runtime?


Below are a couple of examples of what I'm seeing:


Normal Text:

Italicized Text:


The first example generally only occurs when the geometry is moving and sometimes when the movement has stopped it will retain that very fragmented/unreadable look. The second italicized text is all of the time.


If anyone has any insight/tips on how to remedy this I'd be much obliged.