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GeoCoordinateWatcher vs. LocationDisplay

Question asked by FDM_Jim on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by FDM_Jim

Hi Everyone


Two questions here. I'm just wiring up our runtime map to display a gps location and I'm wondering if there are benefits to using either of these items. Yes I know one immediate benefit to LocationDisplay is the direct link to the map and very little work required. When I look at the .Net Watcher, it has some properties of interest (DesiredAccuracy and MovementThreshold). I would assume ESRI would piggy back off this seeing it takes a .net LocationProvider; however there properties are not accessible.


Second question is in regards to the device itself and being connected to a GPS hardware (external modem...). When using either of these objects above, can someone help educate me on how to make the device aware it is connected to a GPS source and is location aware? For internal testing I use a Garmin puck (with USB) and Franson GpsGate to get a virtual com port. Our older ArcEngine map used a 3rd party software to listen to a specified com port with a defined baud rate to understand the incoming signal and fire off a position changed event.


If these questions seem to simple or obvious, my appologies, the Runtime world still feels new as I've lived in ArcGIS Engine for 10 years.