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Calculate total area of polygons within polygons

Question asked by sarcoguy5 on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by JimmyKroon

Hi. I have a somewhat convoluted questions that hopefully will be aided by my screenshots. I have land cover data (polygons) available for a small city I'm working with. In the example I'm showing the land cover feature is tree canopy cover. I have the area for the whole city, but I would like to break it down into smaller areas, and I am using block groups since we have other data with those boundaries. The first pic (below) shows the canopy cover (in green) and the block group divisions.Measure1.jpg

The boundaries for the land cover don't match up exactly with the block group boundaries: Measure2.jpg

So I'm trying to find out the best way to calculate the area of land cover info within each block group. I'd rather not do a simple clip because there are 24 block groups and I'd rather not have that many separate feature classes. I've looked into maybe doing a split, but my noobishness stops me where it talks about a workspace (part of the syntax).


So, does anybody have any ideas on how best to go about this? Or is there a solution to my problem with the split command?


thanks in advance!