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Search popup only shows three fields

Question asked by HustleHard on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by Girish.Yadav

Not sure if this is a default or not, but when I get my search results, only three fields show up. Regardless of how many I have set in my index.

Am I missing something? below is the code for the search:



      featureLayer: new FeatureLayer(" "),

      searchFields: ["ADDRESS"],

      displayField: "ADDRESS",

      suggestionTemplate: "${ADDRESS}",

      exactMatch: false,


      infoTemplate: new InfoTemplate("Address: ${ADDRESS}", "Address Type: ${PT_TYPE}</br>Address: ${ADDRESS}</br>City: ${CITY}", "State: ${STATE}</br>Zipcode: ${ZIPCODE}","Business Name: ${BUS_NAME}</br>Business Type: ${BUS_TYPE}</br>Landuse: ${LANDUSE}", "Zoning: ${ZONING}</br>Ward: ${WARD}", "Subdivision Name: ${SUBDIVISIO}</br>Development Name: ${DEV_NAME}"),

      name: "Address Search",

      placeholder: "Search Addresses",

      maxResults: 6,

      maxSuggestions: 6,

      enableSuggestions: true,

      minCharacters: 0



    s.set("sources", sources);