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How to calculate a large driving distance matrix for Haiti dataset?

Question asked by ekirac on Jan 19, 2016
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I'm new to ArcGIS, and I have just some basic knowledge about it. I have approximately 6000 locations with their coordinates (latitude and longitude), and I want to calculate the distance matrix for these location, but I need road (driving) distances not Euclidean. Please see the attached Excel file. I know I need to use the ArcGIS extension Network Analyst, which has a OD Cost Matrix option. I can plot my locations, no problem with that. But I cannot find a Haiti (Port-au-Prince) network dataset to calculate the distance matrix. I have tried to find online Haiti driving layers and different options including using openstreetmap. And it didn't work out, network analyst functions grayed out.


Could you please help me? I need this distance matrix for my dissertation.