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Compressing MSSQL SDE with replica

Question asked by ajonestipmont on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by George_Thompson-esristaff

I have a ArcGIS enterprise SDE Geodatabase that will not compress all edits to the default.  All versions have been reconciled, posted and deleted.  I stop all web services that use this database and confirm in ArcCatalog that there are no connections to the database except the one being used by the client to do the compress.  The only thing left is a replica. This replica is used for a  two way geodata service and i cant (and should'nt) need to delete it to get all edits to base and  get the compress log to state_count to1.  I still have records in the delta tables and the end_state_count in the compress log is still 2.


Now, even though all versions are reconciled, posted and deleted, there are still 2 versions in the [versions] table.  i have the Default and a SYNC_SEND_xxx_xx, im assuming this is a system version used to sync changes from the replica.  i have synchronized the replica so there should be no outstanding edits in either direction for the replica.  I know if I call support they are going to want me to unregister that replica then run the compress, which will probably work but then I will need to rebuild the replica and everything attached to it on the other end.  I don't want to do that!! Furthermore it should not be necessary...  I'm not sure that the "SYNC_SEND_xxx_xx" version i see in the versions table is legit, and that could be holding it up but I'm afraid to delete that record without knowing for sure.  Any suggestions?