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Network Analyst - Pyhton export sublayers to a FeatureClass, each one.

Question asked by jgarcinuno on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by FGibson-esristaff

This is my problem: How I can export to a feature class my sublayer Routes from outNALayer.

I been able to export just the tabular data but NOT the geometry. Down below is the code or part of the script.



# Process: Create a Closest Facility Layer. Optimize on Travel Time but  compute the distance traveled by accumulating the meters attribute.

    outRouteResultObject =, "Closest_Facility", "Miles", "TRAVEL_TO", "", "1", "Miles", "ALLOW_UTURNS", "Oneway", "NO_HIERARCHY", "", "NO_LINES", "", "NOT_USED")

    print "Creating Closest Facility Layer"



    # Get the layer object from the result object. The route layer can now be referenced using the layer object.

    outNALayer = outRouteResultObject.getOutput(0)

    print "outNALayer : " + str(outNALayer)


    # Get the names of all sublayers within the route layer.

    subLayerNames =

    print "subLayerNames : " + str(subLayerNames)


    # Store the layer names that we will use later - Facilities

    facilityLayerName = subLayerNames["Facilities"]

    print "facilityLayerName : " + str(facilityLayerName)


    # Store the layer names that we will use later - incidents

    incidentsLayerName = subLayerNames["Incidents"]

    print "incidentsLayerName : " + str(incidentsLayerName)


    # Store the layer names that we will use later

    routeLayerName = subLayerNames["CFRoutes"]

    print "routeLayerName : " + str(routeLayerName)


# Process: Add destination points., facilityLayerName, Facilities, "", "1000 Meters", "", "test_area SHAPE;Transportation_ND_Junctions NONE", "MATCH_TO_CLOSEST", "CLEAR", "NO_SNAP", "5 Meters", "INCLUDE", "test_area #;Transportation_ND_Junctions #")

    print "Adding Faclitities to the Closest Facility layer"


    # Process: Add Origin points.

    arcpy.AddLocations_na(outRouteResultObject, incidentsLayerName, Incidents, "", "1000 Meters", "", "test_area SHAPE;Transportation_ND_Junctions NONE", "MATCH_TO_CLOSEST", "CLEAR", "NO_SNAP", "5 Meters", "INCLUDE", "test_area #;Transportation_ND_Junctions #")

    print "Adding Incidents to the Closest Facilty layer"


    # Process: Solve, "SKIP", "TERMINATE", "")

    print "Solving the Problem"


     RoutesSubLayer = arcpy.mapping.ListLayers(outNALayer,routeLayerName)[0]

    print "Selected sublayer : " + str(RoutesSubLayer)


        #arcpy.FeatureClassToFeatureClass_conversion(RoutesSubLayer, network)