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US-Single House Address Locator using alternate name table results unmatched but candidates have score of 100 in interactive rematch table.

Question asked by nb9318ee on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by jborgion

I'm trying to geocode a table of 17,000+ addresses in arcmap 10.2 / 10.3 (i've tried both) where the addresses are in a single field. Many of the addresses in the table I want to geocode aren't recognized because an oddly large number of these properties are listed under multiple addresses, so I've created an alternate name table which is linked to my reference table (parcel feature class) by a common column JoinID. When I geocode addresses it comes up with only 15% matched, however, when I rematch addresses I click on the unmatched result and a candidate with a score of 100 is listed and I can match them by hand. I have a match of 12975 addresses (88%) now, but the remaining 1738 (12%) do not have any candidates so I have to use the Pick Addresses from Map and/or refer to my alternate name table to search under a different address which when searched for has a candidate score of 100.


I've standardized addresses in the reference and alternate name table, lowered the minimum match score, tried to rebuild the address locator many times, but the locator still will not match my addresses to the candidates with a score of 100.


I've read the tutorials in the ArcGIS Help desktop and the locator type descriptions and alternate name tutorials don't go into enough detail.


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?