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polyline to raster and creating a mask

Question asked by Tilottama1179 on Jan 15, 2016
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I have downloaded the NGA shoreline data which is in a polyline form. I need to create a RASTER land sea mask with this data. The X,Y resolution of the data should be 0.0041666667, 0.0041666667. However, some of the polylines are not getting converted to rasters if the resolution is kept as such. The easiest way would be to convert the polyline to a polygon and then polygon to raster. However, this is not working, as there are small islands which are being left out, etc. So, I tried converting the polyline to a line raster, and was then trying to create a land-sea mask. However, everything inside as well as outside the polygon is assigned as 'No Data'. So, I am unable to create the mask. Any ideas? I am attaching the shapefile of one of the blocks with this mail. Please note the world shoreline data is divided into blocks, so some of the polygons maybe open ended for this block.


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