Base Command & Base Toolbar - Please help me

Discussion created by shravan.phil on Nov 22, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2010 by jvondracek
I used "base toolbar" for adding the "guid" of the tools and i created a custom tool, after that I created a new "base command". Is it possible for me to call the base toolbar with the class name "ArcGISToolbar1" to call from the  onlick() event of "base command".

this is what i did in the onlick() event, i created an object for the "ArcGISToolbar1" class for accessing it - but i am unable to figure how can i call (the main objective here is - on click of taht command button - the custom tool bar created must pop out).

  protected override void OnClick()
            ArcGISToolbar1 x = new ArcGISToolbar1();