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Filtering on Multiple Fields by Configuring Map Tools in Operations Dashboard

Question asked by RobbGIS on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by colsen-esristaff

Is it possible for multiple layer filters to actually recognize each other when checked "on" using the map tools?




  • I have filters for several states, such as Ohio, Indiana, etc. These work great when selecting just one or multiple states only.


  • I also have filters for months that the data was received, appearing in the same Filter list (obviously from different fields, but from the same table), such as November 2015 and December 2015. These work great when selecting just one or multiple months only.


  • But if I try to filter using one of each together, for example all of the records for Ohio from November 2015 (just checking the boxes on for each of the filters), the results give me all of the results for Ohio from each month (in the entire dataset), plus all of the results from every state for just the month of November 2015.


I would expect it to only return the records with Ohio in the state field and November 2015 in the month field.


It seems to me there should be a way for this filter to be built. Does anyone have insight into this issue, or am I going to be learning how to create a custom widget in the near future?


Thanks in advance!


- Robb