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Reference item from one AGOL to another AGOL

Question asked by anninahw on Jan 13, 2016
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I know that you can reference an item, e.g. a hosted feature layer from one organisational account to another, by adding content from the Web. My question is now: Is there a way to reference (read only!) also all the item details including the name of the original publisher?

The situation is the following:

Within one country we have several institutions having their own organizational AGOL/Portal for ArcGIS account. In order to share the data, each institution wants to reference some data (e.g. administrative boundaries, forestry, land use plans etc.) from the respective custodian within their own organization.

I know that when making a map, you can just search for the layers and add them, but it would be nice to have them also within the context of the organization itself (e.g. shared to specific groups).

If there is no way to the solution would probably be to just copy the link to the original item description into the local item...


Thanks for any hints,