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Collector not able to sync with server

Question asked by rtclark2 on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by rtclark2

So just got back from collecting a few points in collector, went to sync it up o the server (we work in offline environment out in the field) and when i tried to sync i got the following error "Operation couldnt be completed sync tools service error. could not service request"


When i went to log at the logs i saw this


Message: The containing process for 'System/SyncTools' job 'j2a92948f1fc942a199f0bde8ef52e662' has crashed.

Code: 8254


and then


Message: Instance of the service 'System/SyncTools.GPServer' crashed. Please see if an error report was generated in 'C:\arcgisserver\logs\AFGIS.AD.FULLERTON.EDU\errorreports'. To send an error report to Esri, compose an e-mail to and attach the error report file.

Code: 8252


so i went to check and see if there was an error report and nothing.


last week everything work and i am not aware of anything that has changed.