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Ghost tiles in Sanborn mosaics

Question asked by BrianHovis on Jan 10, 2016
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I am trying to display historic Sanborn maps over aerials to show changes over time.  I georeference the images and then build mosaic datasets in ArcGis Desktop in order to create a tile package and share the package to ArcGis Online.  This technique has worked well for other years that I have done (project introduction: .)  In the latest map, there seems to be ghost tile fragments that are outside of the are covered by the Sanborn map that appear at different scales. I think that the ghost tiles are fragments of overviews.


After you get tiles published on ArcGis Online, can I somehow turn tiles off and on to see if I can get rid of the ghost tiles?  I tried tile manager on the the layer detail page, but that seems to just publish more tiles and not get rid of the ones I don't want.


This is a link to the map with which I am having trouble:   I am also attaching an annotated image of one of the ghost tiles.



thank you.