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Issues with Map Journal Template Version update?

Question asked by on Jan 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by LeviRose_OA

Hello all,

In working with the Map Journal Template configured in AGOL, I am seeing that the Main Stage does not seem to support Chrome when linking a web page or another template build in AGOL.  All that is returned is a blank Main Stage.  Interestingly, the page and app both load in IE 9 and 11.  The application I'm trying to load on the Main State was developed in the AGOL Web App Builder and the web page is (used for testing this issue). 


In testing though, I create a new Map Journal Application with a subset of the content used in the original app and noticed that the template has a feature that mine does not.  When I saved the new app, the new Fix button is there next to the Save button.  Also, the links to web pages and applications works.  I have been working on this app for some time so had created it before the template was updated with the last AGOL update so I am betting that the issue lies in the update of the template. 


Has anyone else had a similar issue or have any knowledge of this?  I searched but did not see any related posts.  My apologies if I missed one.


Given that the app is due to launch in the near future, I am going to try to recreate it with the new template.  I figure to report this to support if there is no resolution here so will report back if I take that route. 






Chrome: version 47.0.2526.106 m

Also tested on Android Chrome with no luck.