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How to perfect a resume for a GIS application with entry-level experience?

Question asked by gapullis on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by rborchert

My name is Garrett and I am a graduating senior finishing up with a bachelors in both Geography and Environmental Geoscience along with a minor in GIS. I have had plenty of jobs throughout my life including retail, landscaping, coaching, and field managing for a nonprofit org, but have no real world experience. I have taken plenty of courses utilizing GIS and imagery programs, but haven't landed a job in GIS quite yet. I have an upcoming part time position as a GIS technician for my final semester as an undergrad but I want to look toward the future for AFTER graduation. I'm trying to hit the ground running and I have already applied to 15 different internships or job positions. Does anyone have any tips that can be added to a resume or toward applying for jobs? I try to elaborate on my skills by referencing results from my experience but with little real world experience, I've had to resort to self-teaching. What else could I do to land that solid first job? Any and all tips and advice are appreciated, thanks!


P.S. Looking for jobs in the greater Pittsburgh, DC, NVA,, Baltimore, and NYC areas at the entry level.