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Question asked by azeemsid on Jan 7, 2016
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I am using ArcGIS 10 Desktop with Sde database connection with SQL Server 2003 R2. Recently the database server was backup and restore to new server machine. During this process some thing goes wrong and following issues occur


1 ) Feature class participating in one of the dataset is now not registered as version and can not be edited. Register as version command is not active in context menu.

Context Menu_ Registered as versioined not active.jpgStart Editing.jpg



3)  During restore operation, sde login was mistakenly assigned to dbo user instead of sde user. Due to this all table operation (add field, delete field etc) can not be perform because the dbo is not the owner of database.

SQL USER.jpgAdd Field Failed.jpg


3 ) Cant delete a geodatabase table as the application throw an error of established lock however there is no user connected to database.

Kindly find attached here the screen shots of errors

Delete Failed.jpg



Please suggest solution to above issues


Azeem Siddiqui