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CompassCom GeoLocating via ESRI Timing Out Lately

Question asked by FloraOnkst on Jan 7, 2016

We have the CompassCom product installed and have our GeoLocating service configured to process a table of 200 lat and long records at a time to bring back the Street Address and Name.  My problem is that it has been timing out lately and I have a large backlog of records that need to be GeoLocated. 


The support people have been fantastic so far, but this is more an ESRI issue.  It takes approx. .5 - .6 per second for each record.  I've tried ordering in both lat/long and long/lat sequences thinking that proximity of addresses requested might help.  But no joy. I've increased and decreased the number of rows sent and the ESRI GeoLocation time seems to be consistent.  And that part confuses me a bit.  I a DBA and the overhead for processing a group of records is usually much less than the sum of the individual processing times.


So I could use some help here.  is there anyone out there using the CompassCom product?  Using the GeoLoc process to prepare data for the CompassCom Reports?  If so, have you developed a method to improve on the .5 seconds per record?


I apologize if my terminology is off a bit.  I am basically an infrastructure DBA, new to the process trying to help clear up our backlog.