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What are the key differences (if any) between building apps using AppStudio versus the Qt Runtime SDK

Question asked by johnmdye on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by MVertzonis-esristaff

So AppStudio is now officially out and most of us know that it leverages Esri's Qt SDK. What are the key difference that one should be aware of when trying to decide whether or build apps using AppStudio or to just do it straight up using the Qt SDK. What I mean by the latter is to just download and install the Qt SDK, set it up and then get to work in Qt Creator, completely bypassing AppStudio.


It seems to me that AppStudio is a bit of an abstraction of the Qt SDK in that Esri is trying to make building cross platform Apps a little easier by layering AppStudio over Qt Creator. Granted, you still can and often do build your app in Qt Creator with AppStudio, but it's not where you start out. With AppStudio, you start out in this kind of template and configuration application which is just an abstraction that is modifying your Qt files. I could certainly be wrong on whether or not AppStudio is a true abstraction but hopefully you understand what I'm saying.


I''d just like to know what the implications are of using AppStudio or skipping that and using the Qt SDK exclusively. IE. Are there certain functionalities or capabilities that a developer could only implement if they were using the one or the other?